May 23, 2017

To plant a garden…

A Gardener’s paradise…

This quote is attributed to Audrey Hepburn, “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow” and I thoroughly enjoyed creating this Letterpress and Linocut poster incorporating these words.

It was a bit of a last minute idea for RHS Malvern, and a quote that someone mentioned to me on the Saturday before the show.  Cutting the Lino involved burning a little of the midnight oil but I’m so happy that I did!  Fortunately I had the drawing already from some sketching I had done a few years previously, so it was just a question of adapting it for a Linocut and then cutting the image.

The first proof…  both Martin and I decided we didn’t like the ‘rainbow’ coloured type and so left it until the following morning to run it up in crimson red.  We decided it would look better in one consistent darker colour.   I’ve found that sometimes it’s best not to rush a job, for the sake of 20 minutes. It’s better to take a breather or sleep on it until the new day and start with fresh eyes and perspective!

It took a bit of ‘cooting’ around to ensure that the text fell where I wanted it to be on the paper and didn’t overlap the image of the flower.  Cooting around has become my ‘go to’ description for fiddling around with Letterpress type in an arty farty way.  As I began my career as a Graphic Designer where all the ‘cooting’ took place on a computer screen, this inky style of type-setting is so much more pleasurable and to my liking!

And below… cutting the Lino

Foxgloves in our garden… I never weed them out but always find a space to move them, for them to grow and flower. They invariably ‘self seed’ into the vegetable patch, where I don’t really want them to be!

Above is the original watercolour of the foxglove painted ‘en plein air’ in the Forest of Dean, with a few other bits of experimental printmaking from my portfolio. The silk screen print with Cowparsley, another of my most favorite wild flowers, says “Many eyes go through the meadow but few see the flowers in it” a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson which I found when I was 18 and I’ve loved it’s words ever since – maybe that should be the next poster?

The final print – framed and in the garden!