May 21, 2017

RHS Malvern

A wonderful RHS springtime weekend….

Although springtime is a precious time for gardeners to get out into the garden, put into place all the plans they have made over the winter and to begin to tend & tame this year’s abundant growth.  Nevertheless, there must be time to squeeze in a visit to the wonderful RHS Malvern show.

The last few weeks have been a buzz with excitement and activity.  It all began with a commission to produce three Lino and Letterpress Hand-Printed Posters for Award Winning Garden Designer Mark Eveleigh’s Treehouse show garden for RHS Malvern 2017.

The posters combined quotes that Mark had selected from three visitors who had ‘taken’ the Malvern waters during the hay day of the Victorian Water Spa. Mark’s Treehouse design is based on St.Anne’s Well, which can be found nestled in the fold of the hills directly above Great Malvern.

I designed and hand printed the posters to combine images of plants which are relevant to the quotes.  These were hand cut in Lino and then combined with the Letterpress.  I worked with Martin Clark at Tilley Printing in Ledbury (Est 1870) who assisted me with printing the posters on the beautiful Wharfedale poster press which dates from 1900.

Having produced the posters and delivered them to Mark, they were spotted by Nina Acton, who’s enthusiasm for them was clearly evident.  She was captivated by the fact they had been printed locally on a printing press that dates from the Victorian era and using traditional wooden type from the same period, or earlier.

Mark Eveleigh’s RHS Award winning Treehouse Garden

Above is one of the three Linocut and Letterpress posters commissioned by Mark Eveleigh containing a garden quotation from Florence Nightingale (Poster will be available here soon £40 unframed p+p  original hand printed poster 20″ x 30″)

And some further photographs of the ‘Anneliese Appleby’ stall in the Victorian Arcade next to the spectacular Floral Fountain created by Jonathan Moseley.  I was given a beautiful space to exhibit and sell the Letterpress Posters along with other garden themed prints and my Hand-Printed Wallpapers.

I was delighted at being asked by Nina Acton, and Charlotte the talented and hugely accommodating Interior Designer, to provide the ‘Lupins’ wallpaper for decorating the entrance foyer to the ‘Plant Finder’s Parlour’ in the RHS Floral Marquee.

  with many Thanks to Caroline Potter Photography