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Yachts & Lighthouses

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Yachts & Lighthouses was designed for my son but also to reflect my love of the Ocean.  The English were referred to as an ‘Island Race’ by Winston Churchill and so many of us seem to have a very deep rooted, almost primal love of the sea, the coastline and the shore.

I learned to dinghy sail a few years ago, absolutely loved it and I took to it like the proverbial ‘duck to water’.  It was quizzical that the instructors seemed convinced that I must have sailed before. As a child I had several hair raising incidents that could have taken me to a watery grave but I remain a complete water-baby to this day, I’m sure that salt water must run in my veins!

And so this design based on the sea, unlike all my other designs to date, has come purely from my imagination.  My design tries to capture the feeling of longing depicted in John Masefield’s poem ‘Sea Fever’,and that unbridled sense of adventure, which only the sea can elicit.

"It's a wild call and a clear call that may not be denied"

from John Masefield's  'Sea Fever'

All of my wallpapers are printed to order for my clients. I have designed them for those who are looking for a hand crafted and unique wallcovering.  My wallpapers are striking and dynamic, they will add distinction to any interior.

Please contact me to discuss your specific colour requirements.   Custom printed colour samples will incur a fee.

Each wallpaper design is 585mm wide, it comes untrimmed on 610mm wide paper and in a standard 10 metre roll.  The paper is 140g in weight, unwoven, and is Forest Stewardship Control (FSC) certified. 

Yachts & Lighthouses : £220 per roll


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