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Strawberry Fields

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‘Strawberry Fields’ wallpaper was created in the month of June.

I love the summer months and a few years ago, for the first time, I planted my own Strawberry plants in the garden, they are now rather well established.  I find Strawberry plants aesthetically exciting in that, unlike most fruiting plants, they often have the flower and the fruit on the plant simultaneously.

The plants grow low to the ground hiding their fruit beneath the rich green leaves.  The flowers themselves are a five petaled white blossom which lends itself eminently to be drawn and adapted as a design motif.

To design Strawberry Fields’ I pulled up a few of the runner plants that had began to spread and drew the whole plant and it’s flowers.

The berries were not so good, a little too small, or they had been munched already, so I bought a punnet of strawberries to draw the fruit.   Actually I bought, maybe a dozen punnets, over the span of a few weeks.  And I was either too busy and forgot to draw them, finding that the berries had become ‘fuzzy’ or we'd eaten them accidentally as pudding or used them to garnish an 'emergency' Pimms!  

Eventually, I managed to draw some fruit and the design was then drawn and developed onto a piece of Lino.   I cut the design and produced a proof print, pasting it up to ensure that the pattern ran fluidly from one wallpaper drop to the next.  There were a few leaves that I was not happy with, so I went back to the Lino to refine and recarve those elements.

I have now proof printed it in a delicious Strawberry Smoothie Pink and also, a more vibrant Coral pink….


All of my wallpapers are printed to order for my clients. I have designed them for those who are looking for a hand crafted and unique wallcovering.  My wallpapers are striking and dynamic, they will add distinction to any interior.

Please contact me to discuss your specific colour requirements.   Custom printed colour samples will incur a fee.

Each wallpaper design is 585mm wide, it comes untrimmed on 610mm wide paper and in a standard 10 metre roll.  The paper is 140g in weight, unwoven, and is Forest Stewardship Control (FSC) certified. 

Strawberry Fields : £200 per roll

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