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Perry Orchard

Product Details

‘Perry Orchard’ enhances the collection of botanical themed wallpaper designs.  It began life with a series of drawings that were made in the Gregg’s Pit Artisan Cider and Perry Orchards in Much Marcle, Herefordshire.

“I spent a long morning perched at the top of a six foot apple picker’s ladder… I wanted to be ‘up close’ to the tree in order to draw straight from life.   The tree that I drew in the studies, is of the variety ‘Winter Burgundy’.  It is a huge old tree that stands majestically at the foot of the long Orchard”.

I took the drawings home to develop a design for wallpaper and the Mistle Thrushes were added to create an image that would work well in a repeat-pattern.  It has taken further modification and development of the image to ensure it flows seamlessly across the wall.  After some considerable refinement, I am now really delighted with the final design.

All of my wallpapers are printed to order for my clients. I have designed them for those who are looking for a hand crafted and unique wallcovering.  My wallpapers are striking and dynamic, they will add distinction to any interior.

Please contact me to discuss your specific colour requirements.   Custom printed colour samples will incur a fee.

Each wallpaper design is 585mm wide, it comes untrimmed on 610mm wide paper and in a standard 10 metre roll.  The paper is 140g in weight, unwoven, and is Forest Stewardship Control (FSC) certified. 

Perry Orchard : £240 per roll

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