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Oak & Acorns

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Oak and Acorn is by far my most popular design to date.  It was one of the first wallpapers that I created and I think maybe as a nation we feel very attached to this tree, ‘The Oak’ is almost a national emblem.  

As a native species the mighty Oak has been intertwined with the history of the British Isles throughout our history, our buildings have been constructed from it and the war ships that won the Spanish Armada were crafted from these beautiful trees.  Living close to the Forest of Dean I feel conscious of the Oak, and many other native British trees. This forest was planted and maintained after the Armada so that the Royal Navy had a sufficient supply of timber available for any subsequent wars.

I collected leaves, acorns and branches from an Oak tree that stands in a field across the lane from our home.  I brought them home and drew and then took it straight into a design without too much planning.  It was one of my first designs and it came together very easily although there was a little tweaking needed in the final stages to ensure that the pattern matches were working well.

This was the first wallpaper that went into a living space other than my own, when a friend bought a ‘Free House’ and they were doing a little decorating.  I asked if she would be interested in having some wallpaper, she was hugely enthusiastic about the idea and so the ‘Oak Dining Room’ came about.

This has been a hugely successful design and has been printed now in a wide spectrum of colours, enhancing many different interiors, from a Breakfast Room to a Dining Room and most recently a small Kitchen.

All of my wallpapers are printed to order for my clients. I have designed them for those who are looking for a hand crafted and unique wallcovering.  My wallpapers are striking and dynamic, they will add distinction to any interior.

Please contact me to discuss your specific colour requirements.   Custom printed colour samples will incur a fee.

Each wallpaper design is 585mm wide, it comes untrimmed on 610mm wide paper and in a standard 10 metre roll.  The paper is 140g in weight, unwoven, and is Forest Stewardship Control (FSC) certified. 

Oak & Acorn : £200 per roll


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