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Lupins was the first design I created as wallpaper.  

Happily very little designing took place.  I drew directly from White Lupin plants that were growing in the garden and transferred the drawings straight onto the Lino.  The serendipity of the design is the way that the Lupins follow up the wall in rows of vertical parallel 'bines'. This makes it sound very simple but I had spent hours, weeks, maybe years subconsciously analysing wallpapers and pattern repeats and how they work.  

Pattern Repeats are not something that I had ever been formally taught, my background was originally in Graphic Design.  I had then moved onto Teaching Fine Art Printmaking but before that in my twenties I had spent several years working in Retail for Laura Ashley and specifically in the Home Furnishings departments.  If any wallpapering needed to be done when the shop or the windows were being re-merchandised I would always jump at the chance, and as most colleagues didn’t enjoy doing it, I would have first call each time. I loved hanging wallpaper. And I guess that all that time looking at fabric, wallpapers and making curtains for my mother I must have been gaining an understanding for how pattern repeats and matches work in a technical sense.

Please see the 'blog' page -  to see photos of 'Lupin' hand printed in a warm rich grey, hanging in a Georgian Country Dining Room.

All of my wallpapers are printed to order for my clients. I have designed them for those who are looking for a hand crafted and unique wallcovering.  My wallpapers are striking and dynamic, they will add distinction to any interior.

Please contact me to discuss your specific colour requirements.   Custom printed colour samples will incur a fee.

Each wallpaper design is 585mm wide, it comes untrimmed on 610mm wide paper and in a standard 10 metre roll.  The paper is 140g in weight, unwoven, and is Forest Stewardship Control (FSC) certified. 

Lupins : £220 per roll

MINIMUM 3 WEEK DELIVERY TIME - Please contact me for further details


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