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Print – ‘Shoes’

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Limited Edition

Polite Notice Prints  - 'Shoes off at the Door, please!'

We love a polite notice, strategically placed.  This little idea has been in my head, and my sketchbook for several years now, so it was truly time for it to make an appearance into the world.  I'm not the most house proud person in the world but I do like outdoor shoes to be left at the door... and barefeet or slippers to be the selected mode of footwear in our home.

If you are with me on this, you might find this little print useful at the back door!

Hand designed in Herefordshire, Hand Printed in Worcestershire - a kitchen table design, made for the kitchen wall.   Printed on a quality printing paper and delivered by post to your door.

It is A3 in size so will slide happily into a standard sized frame.

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