June 28, 2019

In Arcadia…

Summer has finally arrived with blue skies, warmer days and with it has come the latest edition of Period Living.

I’m delighted to be featured as the ‘Made In Britain’ craftsperson and it has coincided with the completion of my latest wallpaper design. It’s a really lovely article written by Rachel Crow, Content Editor, and Kasia Fiszer has captured stunning photographs which evoke the essence of the place.

The article includes photographs taken inside the studio space that we have created and in my Mother’s cottage garden that surrounds it.

‘Arcadia’ is my latest wallpaper design, adding to the slowly growing collection of hand printed paper, and it captures a new take on a very old theme.

Sometime ago I visited the wallpaper archive at the V&A Museum in South Kensington, London. I spent the day looking through wallpaper fragments dating back to pre-nineteenth century.

Several designs caught my eye and so I made detailed studies of them. I have looked at these drawings over the past couple of years and mulled them over in my mind until an idea started to take shape. This is the first of those ‘time capsules’ to inspire a whole new design – further research revealed that this piece dates from circa 1680.

Taking a few images from the piece I’d seen, I built on the theme. We’re talking just a small piece of the original wallpaper, probably found in a property during renovation that has found its way into the V&A archive. I’ve constructed a rural scene with birds and horses and figures placed into the landscape. It felt important to me to maintain the naive style of the original design and to capture the essence of this bucolic pastoral scene depicted in the beautiful historic wallpaper fragment.

A detail of ‘Arcadia’ printed in a warm blueish French Grey: roomset photos to follow shortly!