March 15, 2015

In the Beginning….

…where the adventure begins!


The start of 2015 will see the development of a new website to launch Anneliese Appleby hand printed Wallpapers.  The site has been beautifully designed by Hayley and Tom at the The Sketch Collective.  They have skillfully combined all the elements that are needed to bring the hand printed wallpapers spectacularly to the eyes of the discerning collector.

Our wallpapers are all hand designed from detailed drawings and pencil sketches made, often in the garden or in the Herefordshire countryside in which I live. Each of these drawing is then carefully developed, again by hand, into a design that will translate into a repeat pattern for wallpaper.

lupins sample


‘Lupins’ on the landing at Marsh Cottage

Then begins the task of cutting the design into a Lino block. This is a hugely satisfying process but it does take a huge about of care and concentration, one careless slip and some chunk of Lino will go missing causing an imperfection in the design which will have to be redesigned on speck, if possible.

Once the Linocut is complete a first proof can be taken and refinements made to the Linocut if required.  The design is then printed, in the customers selected colour, onto a 10 metre length.   At this stage we get a true feeling for the new wallpaper design in that bespoke colour.   The wallpaper truly comes to life when it is papered into the chosen interior and becomes a striking component of the room’s new character and transforming the Interior.

Our latest wallpaper will feature a Victorian Tile design. The initial sketches and designs are complete and the Lino is being cut.  We are looking forward to seeing this printed as a wallpaper as it is a striking design, when compared to the others in our current collection.

‘Lupins’ wallpaper in the studio barn hanging over an old wooden orchard ladder