October 19, 2016

Wallpaper a ‘Modern Rustic’

Handprinted wallpapers featured…

October 2016 sees the publication of the latest issue of Country Living’s ‘Modern Rustic’ bookazine.  It’s my absolute favorite “look book”, a six monthly publication, which provides a sumptuous view of contemporary interior design.  It has the Country Living feel, and is produced by them, but also brings in some cutting edge and avant garde interior design.

I am completely delighted that my ‘Oak & Acorn’ hand-printed wallpaper has been featured in the ‘Objects of Desire’ pages.

Oak and Acorn is one of the original wallpapers that I first designed and printed.   All of my wallpapers are drawn, created and printed by hand. I hand mix each colour to meet the needs of my client’s Interior Design plans.  

….and I’m happy to advise on your interior space if you would like some designer input from an artist.

img_4867 img_4865 2016-10-15-14-42-50

( Country Living – Styling by Alaina Binks – Photography by Nato Welton )

October 19, 2016

Profile Artist

Uppercase Magazine

I am delighted to have been selected from the International Printmaking community to be a ‘Profile Artist’ in the fabulous Uppercase Magazine….  ‘The Printmaking Issue’   (issue 25)

Uppercase is an inspiring publication which informs and inspires creative individuals around the world.  Each issue follows a theme selected by its editor Janine Vangool and is beautifully compiled and designed in Calgary, Canada.  Last year saw an issue based on Printmaking.  This issue is a real treasure chest for anyone interested in Print, with an A-Z of Print and articles on printmakers from around the world, including the profile section in which I feature.

Hugely exciting and gorgeous, ‘Uppercase’ is wonderfully inspiring magazine.




July 18, 2016


Traditional fairground horses


I’ve been working away on two exciting bespoke wallpaper designs for a Glamping site here in the gorgeous Herefordshire countryside.  They are ‘Mad Dogs and Vintage Vans’ and they have a beautiful site near Ross-on-Wye with exquisite vintage vans.  The next vehicle to join in the fun is a vintage ‘Showman’s Wagon’, hence the hand printed wallpaper.

In the next couple of weeks another paper, on the ‘Circus’ theme, will be rolling off the proofing press.  We’re still at the designing and proofing stage but it looks as if it will be a busy summer.

I’m so excited to see this on the walls of the beautiful wagon – it’s been such a fun project and a bit of a departure for me in terms of subject matter – but a wonderful challenge to bring together these patterns in the Interior Designs!

2016-07-15 11.38.52-1

June 20, 2016

Papering the walls in Cheltenham

“Perry Orchard” in a Gooseberry Green

I’m delighted that in the last few weeks my wallpaper ‘Perry Orchard’ has been hung as part of an Interior Design scheme in a beautiful 1930s home in Cheltenham.  The clients have chosen this hand-printed design to naturally enhance the architectural features of the property.  We selected the bespoke colour, and it was mixed by hand, as a colour-match to complement their chosen decoration plan for their new retirement property.

It provides a striking statement as a feature wall in their lower hall and it is the perfect backdrop for their stunning Antique Longcase Clock.  The designer wallpaper endows the hallway with a decorous air whilst creating a natural talking point when welcoming guests into their elegant home.

perry orchard

B & M hallway

‘Perry Orchard’ enhances the collection of botanical themed wallpaper designs.  It began life with a series of drawings that were made in the Gregg’s Pit Artisan Cider and Perry Orchards in Much Marcle, Herefordshire.

“I spent a long morning perched at the top of a six foot apple picker’s ladder… I wanted to be ‘up close’ to the tree in order to draw straight from life.   The tree that I drew in the studies, is of the variety ‘Winter Burgundy’.  It is a huge old tree that stands majestically at the foot of the long Orchard”.

“James Marsden, the orchard owner, had given me full instruction on the ‘safe’ use of the three footed ladder, which at the time I felt was a little ‘belt and braces’. I mean, I know how to use a ladder, don’t I?”

“I had left it a bit late into the year to draw and it was a very still, but cold October morning. After sitting, concentrating hard and drawing for several hours I must have become slightly ‘trance’ like.  I suddenly realised that I had the very subtle feeling of ‘tipping’ and before I knew it I was on the move, with the ladder, at some speed towards the floor of the orchard.  I hurled the sketchbook away, not wanting it to be damaged or any of my closely observed drawings, and I proceeded to cartwheel from the top of the ladder.  I like to think that this was a graceful and balletic manoeuvre but I doubt very much that it was.  Fortunately nobody was watching although for some reason, I made a slightly red cheeked and embarrassed confession to the hilarious incident, when I saw James a short time later.”

“Intact, I took the drawings home to develop a design for wallpaper and the Mistle Thrushes were added to create an image that would work well in a repeat-pattern.  It has taken further modification and development of the image to ensure it flows seamlessly across the wall.  After some considerable refinement, I am now really delighted with the final design.”

biddy and martin



May 24, 2016

Strawberry Fields…


It is May, my favourite month

The verges are burgeoning with cowparsley, the Oak Trees are lightly veiled in a trace of sap green, this year it is racing ahead of the Ash, and the hedges are clothed in green and bursting with blossom. Everything is fresh and new!  The birds burst forth in song at the crack of dawn and busy themselves all day long collecting morsels of food for their young prodigy.

This abundance of fresh greens will, over the next month, mature into the rich, deep vibrant hues of summer. It is in the month of June that all sorts of treasures will blossom including the glorious Foxgloves along with the architectural splendour of the Lupins.

Amongst the vibrant explosion of growth will come the humble Strawberry plant, stumbling low down in the fruit bed, lifting it’s head only to reveal it’s modest blooms.  And yet who can wait to sneak the first of it’s fruit from the garden, sun warmed and dripping with juice, stolen and eaten whilst no eye glimpses…. with all the indulgence of the first Eden?

As the swallows are the harbinger of summer’s arrival, so Strawberries are the evidence of that return!

I remember going strawberry picking, years ago, on a gorgeous bright warm day, in early June.   I grew up near Upton upon Severn, a town on the River Severn in Worcestershire, which has a strong association with Jazz and Blues music.  Upton hosts a fabulous Jazz festival each year in early summer. We were in a field overlooking the rooftops of Upton; including the tall slender church spire (itself a Jazz venue) and the historic ‘Pepperpot’.  We could hear the Jazz blown on the warm June air as we picked and stuffed ripe strawberries into our mouths and a few into the basket!  How English… blissful memories!

So here today, the Strawberries are ripe in my small cottage garden, I’ll pick some for our tea… and we’ll have a Pimms to celebrate the arrival of summer.

This is it’s first proof.  It is still in the editing phase and I must go back to the Lino and refine and cut into a ‘fluent’ design.  And then I will share with you more photographs at the stage that I paste it onto my bedroom wall.  Maybe I will print it on metallic gold, perhaps in this vibrant shade here or another warm hue that captures the rich summer’s glow.

And so, here it is… ‘Strawberry Fields’…. forever!



2016-05-12 16.01.52


October 19, 2015

Wallpaper for a Georgian Dining Room

Hand Printed Wallpaper sets the scene in a Georgian Dining Room –  I’ve recently hand printed the ‘Lupins’ wallpaper in a beautiful grey, to be hung in the Dining Room of the Clarke Family Home.

They live in a beautiful Georgian House set in several acres of land in rural countryside near Ross on Wye.  Until recently Alison and Phil ran their business from home, but having moved into offices in Gloucester Road, Ali was quick to reclaim the room and she has spent the last few months transforming it into a beautiful space, with new oak floorboards, new lighting including a central chandelier and hand printed wallpaper!

BEFORE …..and…..

Ali before 4Ali before 2


alison clarke dining room 2015Alison Clarke Dining Room 3Alison Clarke Dining Room 2

It’s a brilliant transformation!


September 10, 2015

Paper-cut for Malvern Priory


Malvern’s sweet nine bells ring “troll, troll, troll”

I’ve recently completed a paper-cut for Malvern Priory restoration fund for the Bells and Belfry. It will be produced as a tea towel and sold to help bring in the remaining balance for the work on the Bells.  It has been an enjoyable project and, although a little unsure about how I would get on making the paper cut, it was relatively straightforward and really fun… something a little different to what I’m usually doing at my work table.tea towel design malvern priory 1 revised


Speaking to themselves

are Malvern sweet nine bells,

now they Troll, Troll, Troll”

Above, completed artwork.   Finally I scanned the image of the paper cut into Photoshop, cleaned it up and now have a digital image from which to produce the tea towels

paper cut in progress - sore fingers from the pressure of the knife

Above, the paper cut in progress

paper cut before spraying

Above, the paper cut just before it is sprayed with the final colour

lining paper after spraying paper cut out

Above, this is the scrap backing paper used  behind the sprayed paper cut to protect the surface from the paint.  It’s a beautiful thing in it’s own right and if I have the time I’d like to work into this some more, re-cutting into the more dense areas of colour.  I really love the way that the focus fades in and out where the image has been close or further away from the paper – wondering how this could be used in future works!

It will make a fantastic teaching project with plenty of historical and contextual examples to study.

If you’re interested in paper cuts have a look at Rob Ryan and Su Blackwell, two of my inspirations.  There are also many great books available, I recommend ‘Paper Cutting’ by Laura Heyenga and Rob Ryan and published by Chronicle Books.  Papercutting was a common practice in households and nurseries and is recognised historically by the paper-cuts and storytelling of Hans Christian Anderson.  He would visit his partons and entertain the children of the household before dinner with stories illustrated by cutting paper scenes that depicted places and characters.

September 10, 2015

Mice in the Wheatfield!

Mice on Linen…

Having completed the ‘Red Squirrel’ cushion I’m now working on the next two designs.  I’ve started to put a sketch down on paper for ‘Mice in the Wheatfield’ and I have drawings ready to go for ‘Jenny Wren in the Strawberry Patch’ just working on the composition in my head before I start to formulate it on paper.


IMG_3662 (2)

IMG_3660 copy‘Mice in the Wheatfield’  this design is on my dining table and I’m gradually developing it into a design that I will cut into Lino ready to be printed onto a cushion.






And here it is the finished Cushion!
















Cushions available in the ‘STORE’ page of this site.  All are 100% pure linen, Hand Printed and Hand Stitched by Anneliese Appleby.  They are available in Stone or White Linen in a bespoke selection of colours  (the white linen is also available with a limited selection of ginghams on the reverse side – please enquire for available colours).

August 2, 2015

Cushions & Lightshades


‘Oak & Acorn’ printed onto Linen in Navy Blue and made up here as a 30cm lampshade for a central hanging pendant lamp or side lamp.

Made to order

Colours to order

 £75/30 cm and &  £85/40 cm 100% Pure Linen available in Stone or White

Please contact me to discuss your requirements.


….and cushions!

Also on 100% Linen in Stone or White 18″ x 18″

£50 including Feather Cushion pad

(White Linen is available with a choice of gingham backing)

Cushions only available in colours below

Bespoke ‘made-to-order’ colours are available with an addition charge

Order here in ‘The Store’ or please contact me direct


Boxing hares, an iconic image from the English Countryside… I couldn’t resist but design a cushion (maybe a hand-printed wallpaper on the same theme will follow!) with these beautiful creatures set in amongst native meadow buttercups and other flora.  These are printed from a hand cut lino onto a lovely pure linen.  Out came the sewing machine which has been sitting in it’s box for far too long, and I have made up the first of a series of cushions.  There will be more to follow, I have other designs on paper and one or two still floating around in my head waiting to be pencil sketched onto paper.


They will soon be available for sale on the website but please email me if you can’t wait for them to appear.  100% Linen in Stone or White – it comes with a feather pad as standard.

IMG_3473 IMG_3463

May 23, 2015

‘Oak & Acorns’ in a Country Pub

I have recently printed ‘Oak & Acorns’ wallpaper to The Alma Inn in the picturesque village of Linton, Herefordshire.  The hand designed and hand printed wallpaper fits perfectly into the setting of this country Inn.  The bespoke colour was hand chosen by Gemma and has been mixed to colour-match with their Interior Design plans.

Rather than opt for a ‘feature wall’ they have taken the plunge and wallpapered the whole room and the effect is stunning.  It definitely has impact whilst creating exactly the right ambience for a Country Inn.

oak at alma

‘Oak & Acorn’ hand printed wallpaper by Anneliese Appleby with Tartan lamp shades by Jim Lawrence looking gorgeous on the existing wrought iron light fittings

oak and acorn


Gemma and Dan Evans, the new proprietors, are refreshing the interiors to suit their tastes and to sensitively redecorate and give a fresh feel.  The smaller bar, also used as a snug Dining Room and on occasion for local meetings of the Bridge Club, is now featuring ‘Oak & Acorn’ wallpaper and it has created a distinctive atmosphere in this cosy room with its stripped Oak bar, fireside chairs and inviting log burner.

I will do another feature, with more photographs, at ‘The Alma’ when the room has been fully furnished, then I’ll return with my wonderful photographer and stylist Caroline Potter.