June 28, 2019

In Arcadia…

Summer has finally arrived with blue skies, warmer days and with it has come the latest edition of Period Living.

I’m delighted to be featured as the ‘Made In Britain’ craftsperson and it has coincided with the completion of my latest wallpaper design. It’s a really lovely article written by Rachel Crow, Content Editor, and Kasia Fiszer has captured stunning photographs which evoke the essence of the place.

The article includes photographs taken inside the studio space that we have created and in my Mother’s cottage garden that surrounds it.

‘Arcadia’ is my latest wallpaper design, adding to the slowly growing collection of hand printed paper, and it captures a new take on a very old theme.

Sometime ago I visited the wallpaper archive at the V&A Museum in South Kensington, London. I spent the day looking through wallpaper fragments dating back to pre-nineteenth century.

Several designs caught my eye and so I made detailed studies of them. I have looked at these drawings over the past couple of years and mulled them over in my mind until an idea started to take shape. This is the first of those ‘time capsules’ to inspire a whole new design – further research revealed that this piece dates from circa 1680.

Taking a few images from the piece I’d seen, I built on the theme. We’re talking just a small piece of the original wallpaper, probably found in a property during renovation that has found its way into the V&A archive. I’ve constructed a rural scene with birds and horses and figures placed into the landscape. It felt important to me to maintain the naive style of the original design and to capture the essence of this bucolic pastoral scene depicted in the beautiful historic wallpaper fragment.

A detail of ‘Arcadia’ printed in a warm blueish French Grey: roomset photos to follow shortly!

June 8, 2019

Artist in Residence

My work always begins with drawing, so I am delighted this summer to have been offered the opportunity to be Artist in Residence at Snowshill Manor; my absolute favorite and the most fascinating National Trust property in the stunning Cotswold countryside, near Broadway, Worcestershire.

The Manor House at Snowshill

My objective initially is to study the flora in the beautiful garden. The garden’s terraces and rooms were originally designed by M. H. Baillie-Scott under the direction of the owner Charles Wade, who lived in the Priest’s House adjacent to the Manor. They are now being given renewed life and interpretation through the creativity and hard work of gardeners Vicky, James and Dorcas with their dedicated team of volunteers. As I visit weekly I am becoming increasingly fascinated with the collection of Mr Wade, housed in the Manor itself. I am ruminating on the creative possibilities that the collection itself holds.

During the spring and summer I am often to be found in a garden, a meadow or on the Malvern Hills drawing plants and flowers, building up a portfolio of drawings from which to work during the winter months. These plants might be architecturally striking and magnificent ornamental blooms, common wallflowers or weeds; I find them all captivating.

Flowers in Tangerine and every possible hue of Purple, Mauve and Aubergine

“Plants are like people; some demand to be seen with huge bold waxy flowers in gaudy colours, they dominate their setting and compromise everything that surrounds them. Others are weeds with tiny delicate blooms, clinging to an existence in the cracked paving, there by chance, breath-taking in their fragility and vulnerability.”

I often find a starting point in a poem or piece of literature that sets its scene in the natural world. I am interested in our relationships with gardens, how visiting, creating and tending them often becomes cathartic, as equally is the work that gardens inspire.

“I am very affected by the transients of the seasons. My soul hibernates in winter when the ephemeral flora recedes to the earth. I wait, with pent-up expectation, for the new spring to burst forth. Each year I revel and soar with Spring’s new growth, but this joy is always tinged with a hopeless knowledge that in time ‘the green thoughts and the green shades’ will wither again and die. I find a sublime beauty in this eternal cycle.”

Establishing itself this spring the newly re-planted Elder Garden at Snowshill

Please click on the link below to find details and directions to Snowshill Manor…


November 25, 2018

Tinsmiths Calendar 2019

I’ve recently been busy creating images for the delicious ‘Tinsmiths Ledburyshire 2019 Calendar’.  The theme for the new year is based around the cultural and rural events that take place in our corner of the Three Counties – otherwise known as Ledburyshire!

Phoebe and Clare chose a theme for each month and I then created a Linocut illustration depicting the event and included flowers or plants that can be identified with that season.  Martin Clark, at Tilley Printing in Ledbury, has printed the calendar Letterpress and in glorious technicolour.

It’s been a lovely project, entirely hand-crafted in Ledburyshire – and I love the finished product!  Hope that you do too?

January – Newent Birds of Prey Centre September – Heritage Open Days and The Masters House, Ledbury

May – RHS Spring Garden Show at the Three Counties Showground near Malvern

They are available now at Tinsmiths,  High Street, Ledbury, Herefordshire (definitely worth a trip out if you don’t know it – it’s just yummy!)  or available on their website.

It’s a limited edition so don’t leave it too long before you get yours!





April 25, 2018

*NEW for Spring …. and for your Kitchen!

This week sees two NEW additions to my expanding Kitchen range of textiles.

I’ve taken the most popular of my wallpaper designs, ‘Oak & Acorn’, and I have translated it into a 100% cotton tea towel in a soft mossy green.  To complement this I have also produced ‘Strawberry Fields’ as a tea towel in a very soft pink.

These two make a wonderful addition to any kitchen, perfect as a gift or maybe, like me, you have special tea towels that are ‘not for use’ but just to hang over the cooker handle and look beautiful!

They are 100% cotton and wash beautifully time and time again – retaining the crisp, fresh quality of the leaves and flowers

Made in England

February 6, 2018

Spring Greens

I always think that a new year brings with it a desire for new projects and new horizons!  The world is hibernating and all my usual haunts to find inspiration are deeply asleep beneath the blanket of winter; the woods, the meadows, the hedgerows, the garden…  and only now in early February are the birds beginning to stir.

In these chilly months I endeavour to put my ideas into a plan for the months ahead and 2018 is no different… so here are a few fresh images.

These prints were actually created at the end of last year but they give an indication of the direction of things to come… I have so many ideas pinging around and now all I need to do is to pin a few of them down and see them through to a conclusion!

December 11, 2017

our Winter Wonderland…


Oh the weather outside is frightful,
But the fire is so delightful,
And since we’ve no place to go,
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!



And inside…..

It’s starting to feel a lot like Christmas….!

It’s been a very exciting few weeks with ‘Perry Orchard’ wallpaper chosen by Selina Lake, the Interiors Stylist, to appear in December’s ‘Country Homes & Interiors’.   Selina commissioned it to be printed in this rich Scandinavian Red which creates such a warm, hygge feeling and looks wonderful especially in a country house interior.

above image courtesy of ‘Country Homes & Interiors’)



September 10, 2017

Autumn Emporium

Harvestime ‘Living in the Country’!

Look out for the October Edition of ‘Country Living’, which is currently available.    I’m delighted that ‘Oak & Acorn’ Wallpaper has been selected to appear in the Emporium Pages.

Thank You to Alaina Binks for inviting ‘Oak & Acorn’ to be featured there…
‘Oak & Acorn’ Hand Printed wallpaper.  Available to order in your choice of colour to complement and enhance your Interior and Living Space.

Hand Printed Wallpapers are striking and they will create a strong sense of personality for a room.  You will love living with them in your home and you’ll also enjoy receiving compliments about the wallpaper from all your visitors!

Please contact me to talk through your ideas and plans, for a refundable fee I am able to print samples for you, in your required colour.

May 23, 2017

To plant a garden…

A Gardener’s paradise…

This quote is attributed to Audrey Hepburn, “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow” and I thoroughly enjoyed creating this Letterpress and Linocut poster incorporating these words.

It was a bit of a last minute idea for RHS Malvern, and a quote that someone mentioned to me on the Saturday before the show.  Cutting the Lino involved burning a little of the midnight oil but I’m so happy that I did!  Fortunately I had the drawing already from some sketching I had done a few years previously, so it was just a question of adapting it for a Linocut and then cutting the image.

The first proof…  both Martin and I decided we didn’t like the ‘rainbow’ coloured type and so left it until the following morning to run it up in crimson red.  We decided it would look better in one consistent darker colour.   I’ve found that sometimes it’s best not to rush a job, for the sake of 20 minutes. It’s better to take a breather or sleep on it until the new day and start with fresh eyes and perspective!

It took a bit of ‘cooting’ around to ensure that the text fell where I wanted it to be on the paper and didn’t overlap the image of the flower.  Cooting around has become my ‘go to’ description for fiddling around with Letterpress type in an arty farty way.  As I began my career as a Graphic Designer where all the ‘cooting’ took place on a computer screen, this inky style of type-setting is so much more pleasurable and to my liking!

And below… cutting the Lino

Foxgloves in our garden… I never weed them out but always find a space to move them, for them to grow and flower. They invariably ‘self seed’ into the vegetable patch, where I don’t really want them to be!

Above is the original watercolour of the foxglove painted ‘en plein air’ in the Forest of Dean, with a few other bits of experimental printmaking from my portfolio. The silk screen print with Cowparsley, another of my most favorite wild flowers, says “Many eyes go through the meadow but few see the flowers in it” a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson which I found when I was 18 and I’ve loved it’s words ever since – maybe that should be the next poster?

The final print – framed and in the garden!

May 22, 2017

If I had a flower…

Thoughts of you…

“If I had a flower for every time I thought of you I could walk through my garden forever”

One of the quotes that Mark Eveleigh chose to be made up into a Letterpress Poster was this one by Alfred Lord Tennyson.  Tennyson visited Malvern during the days of the Victorian Spa to ‘take the waters’.   For this reason I chose the intrinsically romantic Fern leaves as an emblem of Malvern and it’s beautiful Hills.  All over the hills Bracken and Ferns can be found, the Bracken on the sunny exposed slopes and Ferns in the leafy damp woodland glades.

Below are a few photos of the images taking shape, beginning with photos and hand made prints of ferns which were then adapted into designs to be hand cut in Lino.  Designing and cutting ferns is something I have wanted to do for ages but I had never had the opportunity. They were quite a challenge to cut and I’m so happy to have cut and printed them.

I’ll be printing with them again soon… I find them totally irresistible!


May 21, 2017

RHS Malvern

A wonderful RHS springtime weekend….

Although springtime is a precious time for gardeners to get out into the garden, put into place all the plans they have made over the winter and to begin to tend & tame this year’s abundant growth.  Nevertheless, there must be time to squeeze in a visit to the wonderful RHS Malvern show.

The last few weeks have been a buzz with excitement and activity.  It all began with a commission to produce three Lino and Letterpress Hand-Printed Posters for Award Winning Garden Designer Mark Eveleigh’s Treehouse show garden for RHS Malvern 2017.

The posters combined quotes that Mark had selected from three visitors who had ‘taken’ the Malvern waters during the hay day of the Victorian Water Spa. Mark’s Treehouse design is based on St.Anne’s Well, which can be found nestled in the fold of the hills directly above Great Malvern.

I designed and hand printed the posters to combine images of plants which are relevant to the quotes.  These were hand cut in Lino and then combined with the Letterpress.  I worked with Martin Clark at Tilley Printing in Ledbury (Est 1870) who assisted me with printing the posters on the beautiful Wharfedale poster press which dates from 1900.

Having produced the posters and delivered them to Mark, they were spotted by Nina Acton, who’s enthusiasm for them was clearly evident.  She was captivated by the fact they had been printed locally on a printing press that dates from the Victorian era and using traditional wooden type from the same period, or earlier.

Mark Eveleigh’s RHS Award winning Treehouse Garden

Above is one of the three Linocut and Letterpress posters commissioned by Mark Eveleigh containing a garden quotation from Florence Nightingale (Poster will be available here soon £40 unframed p+p  original hand printed poster 20″ x 30″)

And some further photographs of the ‘Anneliese Appleby’ stall in the Victorian Arcade next to the spectacular Floral Fountain created by Jonathan Moseley.  I was given a beautiful space to exhibit and sell the Letterpress Posters along with other garden themed prints and my Hand-Printed Wallpapers.

I was delighted at being asked by Nina Acton, and Charlotte the talented and hugely accommodating Interior Designer, to provide the ‘Lupins’ wallpaper for decorating the entrance foyer to the ‘Plant Finder’s Parlour’ in the RHS Floral Marquee.

  with many Thanks to Caroline Potter Photography