‘Perry Orchard’

Stunning Hallway in a gorgeous Georgian family home

One of the most recent commissions I have had is for ‘Perry Orchard’ produced here in Powder Blue for the hallway of a Georgian Country House.  It has been combined with some walls painted in the solid blue whilst the majority of the space is hang in the wallpaper.

The wallpaper has transformed a dark and gloomy entrance into this wonderfully light, calm and welcoming space.  The ‘Perry Orchard’ wallpaper has added the air of distinction and character that the homeowner was seeking to achieve.

I just adore the ‘Powder Blue’ colourway chosen here by the client, it’s absolutely beautiful.  

Every time I see it I love it just a little bit more! 

Country House Interior

Bringing in the Oak; historic country house

This beautiful breakfast room stands to the side of a stunning Tudor Hall and Dining Room, complete with oak beams carved and engraved with emblems and dates.  It is also adjacent to a modern everyday family kitchen.

The old and the new are linked by the breakfast room which is now wallpapered in a lovely version of my ‘Oak & Acorn’ hand printed wallpaper.

The wallpaper was commissioned here in a spicy cinnamon pink to compliment the existing soft furnishings.  The ‘Oak & Acorn’ wallpaper design relates a distinctive and traditional ambience whilst at the same time creating a wonderful warm atmosphere in this more personal and homely space.

This beautiful country house is a heritage property dating back to the 12th century.  Many of the rooms have a more formal function so it’s important to create a strong sense of ‘harmony & home’ in this family space.

…the wallpaper blends beautifully with the existing colours and soft furnishings

…the attention to detail by the home owner and decorator is exquisite.

….just a hook on a door can look beautiful!

photography by Caroline Potter    www.carolinepotterphoto.com