Traditional fairground horses


I’ve been working away on two exciting bespoke wallpaper designs for a Glamping site here in the gorgeous Herefordshire countryside.  They are ‘Mad Dogs and Vintage Vans’ and they have a beautiful site near Ross-on-Wye with exquisite vintage vans.  The next vehicle to join in the fun is a vintage ‘Showman’s Wagon’, hence the hand printed wallpaper.

In the next couple of weeks another paper, on the ‘Circus’ theme, will be rolling off the proofing press.  We’re still at the designing and proofing stage but it looks as if it will be a busy summer.

I’m so excited to see this on the walls of the beautiful wagon – it’s been such a fun project and a bit of a departure for me in terms of subject matter – but a wonderful challenge to bring together these patterns in the Interior Designs!

2016-07-15 11.38.52-1