Papering the walls in Cheltenham

“Perry Orchard” in a Gooseberry Green

I’m delighted that in the last few weeks my wallpaper ‘Perry Orchard’ has been hung as part of an Interior Design scheme in a beautiful 1930s home in Cheltenham.  The clients have chosen this hand-printed design to naturally enhance the architectural features of the property.  We selected the bespoke colour, and it was mixed by hand, as a colour-match to complement their chosen decoration plan for their new retirement property.

It provides a striking statement as a feature wall in their lower hall and it is the perfect backdrop for their stunning Antique Longcase Clock.  The designer wallpaper endows the hallway with a decorous air whilst creating a natural talking point when welcoming guests into their elegant home.

perry orchard

B & M hallway

‘Perry Orchard’ enhances the collection of botanical themed wallpaper designs.  It began life with a series of drawings that were made in the Gregg’s Pit Artisan Cider and Perry Orchards in Much Marcle, Herefordshire.

“I spent a long morning perched at the top of a six foot apple picker’s ladder… I wanted to be ‘up close’ to the tree in order to draw straight from life.   The tree that I drew in the studies, is of the variety ‘Winter Burgundy’.  It is a huge old tree that stands majestically at the foot of the long Orchard”.

“James Marsden, the orchard owner, had given me full instruction on the ‘safe’ use of the three footed ladder, which at the time I felt was a little ‘belt and braces’. I mean, I know how to use a ladder, don’t I?”

“I had left it a bit late into the year to draw and it was a very still, but cold October morning. After sitting, concentrating hard and drawing for several hours I must have become slightly ‘trance’ like.  I suddenly realised that I had the very subtle feeling of ‘tipping’ and before I knew it I was on the move, with the ladder, at some speed towards the floor of the orchard.  I hurled the sketchbook away, not wanting it to be damaged or any of my closely observed drawings, and I proceeded to cartwheel from the top of the ladder.  I like to think that this was a graceful and balletic manoeuvre but I doubt very much that it was.  Fortunately nobody was watching although for some reason, I made a slightly red cheeked and embarrassed confession to the hilarious incident, when I saw James a short time later.”

“Intact, I took the drawings home to develop a design for wallpaper and the Mistle Thrushes were added to create an image that would work well in a repeat-pattern.  It has taken further modification and development of the image to ensure it flows seamlessly across the wall.  After some considerable refinement, I am now really delighted with the final design.”

biddy and martin